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More Fallout 3 drama

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More Fallout 3 drama

Game News - posted by Vault Dweller on Sun 19 September 2004, 02:14:13

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

DAC has posted the controversial <a href=http://www.thevats.net/index.php#8108>GameInformer article[/url] in full.

Last month it was announced that Bethesda had acquried the Fallout license from Interplay, and the company has confirmed that that Fallout 3 will follow The Elder Scrolls IV as a new next-generation title. While only in preproduction stages at the moment, the game will use the same technology as Oblivion, and is planned as another open-ended roleplaying game. This game however, will be decidedly darker. Imagine a survival horror-esque version of the Fallout world, with all the things you expect out of the series still intact, but with deeper, more immersive gameplay. The post-apoc theme (with tongue in cheek humor) of the series is still present, with your character having spent the first 20 years of his life living underground. Because of this, his eyes are unaccustomed to the light of day, thus players will have to train their eyes away from light sensitivity by using a special pair of goggles. Todd Howard claims that Fallout 3 will be one of the most original and violent titles ever and will be set in a familiar US city.​
RPG Codex is happy to announce a new Fallout 3 contest. You have to answer the following question correctly to be eligible: What kind of view would support the light sensitivity feature?

Edit: Edited by Exitium TWICE to demonstrate his uber powahz and lack of etiquette.

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