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Knights of the Nine hands on at Gameplay Monthly

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Knights of the Nine hands on at Gameplay Monthly

Review - posted by Role-Player on Mon 4 December 2006, 23:52:38

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Gameplay Montly has spent some time with Oblivion's add-on, Knights of the Nine. The reviewer touches on some aspects of the add-on but doesn't explain them too well:

Don't worry though, the rest of the quests in Knights of the Nine are not tedious at all. The rest of the quest-line includes item gathering which may not seem so exciting at first glance, but upon doing these quests, this is not the case. These quests are by far the best in the game, for they are not the linear dungeon crawlers you have done over a hundred times now, they are truly complex and require some thought put into them. For example, one quest tests your patience in combat; another is a series of riddles that open new path. These are nothing like those boring Fighter's Guild quests.

Answering riddles isn't exactly pushing the envelope either. You'd be surprised how many of them we've answered across different CRPGs.

If this "expansion" had one major flaw, it is just that it doesn't feel like an expansion. Unlike previous Elder Scrolls expansions, you aren't able to venture outside of the main province, in this game, Cyrodiil. We'll just have to wait for another expansion before we have any chance of shattering Cyrodiil's imaginary border. However, the real shame is that Knights of the Nine is a pretty short quest-line, spanning about eleven quests and seven hours of total gameplay, not at all close to the promised ten to twenty.

Well Alex, the other ten to twelve hours are spent drooling at the graphics and posting about hot Khajiit romances on Bethesda's forums. That's part of what came to define Elder Scrolls gameplay, so get with the program!

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