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Fallout humor lives!

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Fallout humor lives!

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Tue 24 July 2007, 04:08:47

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

This newspost is dedicated to all those professional journalists who are doing their best to keep us informed about games in development. :salute:

Firing Squad: For E3 demo reasons we skipped this event and proceeded over to the vault entrance, encountering a funny robot who sounded a bit like Monty Python's Graham Chapman (right down to the "stupid git" farewell we got from him). It's clear from this standpoint and other aspects of the demo that Fallout 3 will indeed have a lot of humor like the first two games had which is certainly encouraging for long time Fallout fans.

Gaming Trend: As you pass by, Mr Hand comments how the blue jumpsuit compliments your eyes, but then mumbles under his breath that you are a “Stupid Git”. Plenty of Fallout humor to go around.

The Escapist: Then look (the vault is surprisingly familiar), feel (guns, ammunition and violence all have the same "grit" as before) and humor (Mr. Handy calls you a stupid git behind your back) of the Fallout world has survived, been updated and made new.

Gamer Node: It was at that point we ran into Mr. Handy. "Good day new sir!" the cheerful robot chimes. "If I may be so bold the blue in the bolt suit contrasts BEAUTIFULLY with your eyes!" As Mr. Handy moves away, he mutters, "you stupid git." Oh, Mr. Handy!

Here is the rest of the Firing Squad article:

...it's clear that Bethesda Softworks is pretty deep in development on Fallout 3 and even though the game won't be released until the fall of 2008 it's also clear that their ideas fit right into the Fallout universe.​
Have you even played Fallout? Or paid attention during the presentation?

Yes, some Fallout fans will likely be upset that the game is designed as a first person title and is set on the East Coast but that's nitpicking in our eyes. The real test of Fallout 3 will be if the game keeps the humorous spirit of the top down first two Fallout games with the high end graphics and immersive gameplay...​
Well, then we have nothing to worry about. I think it's clear that the "humorous spirit" is very much alive and kicking.

*mutters "You stupid git"...

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