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Oblivion daily update

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Oblivion daily update

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Fri 21 October 2005, 19:39:04

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Can't get enough of Oblivion news? Welcome to the Oblivion Codex, a premier source of Oblivion information and other cool stuff like goatse!

<a href=http://www.elitebastards.com/page.php?pageid=12316%20>Gavin Carter at Elite Bastards[/url]

As a writer I'd like to know how you keep track of all the (creative) writing that needs to be done for a game like Oblivion, especially when there's so much dialogue, and when aspects of the game might change in development? How do you keep the writer(s) involved so that they don't end up 'adrift' from the development of the game?

It really boils down to having the proper tools for the job, and the tools we have this time around for tracking and maintaining dialog are a quantum leap over Morrowind.
(Historic note: The last guy who used words "quantum leap" to describe something in a game was DW Bradley, so you may want to rethink the whole quantum leap thing, Gavin - VD )

We have much more control and changes are far easier to make and track. The writing for the game, much like the dungeon design, follows a very iterative process of drafting, review, and redrafting. The writers had most of the plots drafted out and most of the dialogue written before even putting them into the game.

Early on, we actually made them present the plotlines of their quests to the entire team. Of course, then we play it, and things can and frequently do change drastically from that point. But everyone here plays the game and is always looking for ways to improve the quests. I think the strength of our dialogue and characters in Oblivion are actually going to surprise a lot of people.
That is a bold statement that goes into my collection of the "Before" quotes.

<a href=http://www.mygamer.com/index.php?page=interviews&mode=viewinterviews&id=35>Pete "The Epic Boy" Hines at MyGamer[/url]:

Thanks so much for taking this time to speak with us, Pete. My first question is something near and dear to all fans of the series- the consistent depth of the writing. The Elder Scrolls franchise has built its reputation on the depth of its storytelling. What will Oblivion do to raise the bar on your past successes in regards to creating an epic narrative?

Well, much of the “epic” part of epic narrative is drawn from the game itself. Given that our games are set in big huge worlds where you can go where you want and do what you want, our narratives always feel epic simply because of the way we design our games and game space. We’ve certainly done that again with how vast the world is in Oblivion. As far as the narrative, I think folks will find that the main quest has similar themes and tones as in past Elder Scrolls games while at the same time, it is a bit of a departure. We aren’t asking you to be the chosen one. We’re asking you to find him, protect him, and help him. You get to go to a lot of cool places (both in Cyrodiil and in Oblivion) during the main quest, so by the time it’s said and done you really feel like you’ve done something pretty epic.​
That sounds pretty epic to me.

Thanks, MSFD for the excellent PR job!

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