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STG interview at NMA

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STG interview at NMA

None - posted by Vault Dweller on Fri 9 February 2007, 01:58:54

Tags: Bethesda Softworks

Today we have something different for you. It's an interview with Star Trek Gamers site. Why? Good question. Bethesda has blacklisted this site for criticizing their Star Trek game, and to put it simply, I think that the gaming community should be aware of Bethesda's ways to handle criticism. Anyway, long story short:

Originally it (Star Trek Legacy) was met with open arms. This was the first game in 3 years and the fan sites were all over it, STG being the one that got the most interviews with the makers of all 3 games (there was Tactical Assault and Encounters being made as well). It was directly leading up to the release in December when things started to turn sour. It started to become obvious that a lot of the features which were hinted at being in the game weren't going to be there...

Before the games release the PR Department was more than happy to work with the gaming sites of Star Trek, STG being the largest we got most of the interviews. The minute the game was released that PR Door was slammed shut. PR of Bethesda used and abused the gaming sites for their own advantage, and then they get all worried when one of them has the balls to bite back...that's their problem...not mine.

Now, people who know me know what I am like. I speak my mind. If I dont like something I say it right on the front page of the site, screw the consequences. It got to the stage where Bethesda Softworks' silence was getting beyond a joke, and that's when The Argus Array, the STG's Star Trek Gaming podcast (which gets about 100,000 listeners) went on the record and listed the flaws of the game in a constructive manner. Argus 13, 14 and 15 all discussed what was wrong with the game and then Lindsay Muller (some kind of artist in Bethesda) came on the official Bethesda boards and said that the Argus Array must follow Bethesda Forum policies...basically Bethesda was now trying to dictate what i should put on my own podcast which I pay the hosting for.

...needless to say I wasn't happy. They didn't want criticism, but I gave it to them full bore. I told them exactly what I thought of Legacy. All the while another particular "fansite" remained silent. It got to the stage where official "volunteer" moderators in the Bethesda boards were allowing any topic made by me to be flamed, but at the same time they banned any of my staff in the forum for the slightest misdemeanor.​
Here is the official Bethesda's response:

Well, to start off, let me give you the official statement;
"Linking to this site is not permitted due to prior infractions of our forum rules and Bethesda's terms and conditions."

Considering the abuse you've given to devs and moderators who either work for bethesda, or volunteer their spare time to moderator the forums here. both on this site and on your own, and on your podcasts, And considering your general disruptiveness and negativity, bethesda has decided to remove any and all links to the STG.

Any post containing it has been removed, and made after today will be edited, the same goes for signatures.

I'm sure Bethesda is very sorry it had to come to this, but they believe you left them very little choice.​
If you'd like to know more about the game, here is a list of reviews:

IGN - 59%
GameSpy - 40%
"the worst game ever"

Anyway, as you all know, it's not the first time Bethesda blacklisted a site for daring to criticize their games. Let's hope that more people will speak against such tactics instead of staying silent. So, if you have something to say on this matter, Pete Hines would love to hear from you: phines@bethsoft.com

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