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Fallout 3 gets more and more perky

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Fallout 3 gets more and more perky

None - posted by Elwro on Wed 21 November 2007, 09:38:37

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

That's right, Bethesda has published the results of their "design a perk" contest! Out of more than 17,000 entries, the jury has chosen this one to be implemented in the game:

Grim Reaper's Sprint
Everytime you kill an opponent, all your action points are automatically restored.
(Submitted by: Marc-Andre Deslongchamps)
Now I see it! Thank God Bethesda has abandoned the combat system of the first two games: it would have pretty absurd consequences when combined with this perk. Smart thinking there, guys.

Be sure to read the whole thing to discover some gems among the runners up:

You've learned to control the tone of your voice. By controling your voice you are better able to convice people to see your side of things or to rouse them to anger. You have now gained the ability of a second chance when talking to people.
(Submitted by: Jacob Eckelman)
This must be why Schönberg was never a hit with the ladies.

Nuclear Man (or Woman)
Your body reacts like a battery to radiation and you've learned to harness it. Once per day, you can unleash a mini Nuclear explosion from your body, causing (X) amount of damage to all combatants in (X) radius.
(Submitted by: Kevin Turner)
Um, this would be done by clapping hands, obviously?

Falling from Heaven
When you're in a combat and losing it, a random object (a spoon, a table, etc.) might fall from the sky and hit your enemy, causing damage (the amount of damage is relevant to the mass of the object). This perk naturally only works outdoors.
(Submitted by: Ville Hankipohja)
Since this is the epitome of high-brow montypythonese humour, I'm confident Bethesda would chose this one as a winner. They just don't have the budget for all the 3D models required.

Thanks, Vault Dweller!

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