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MSN previews Fallout 3

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MSN previews Fallout 3

None - posted by JarlFrank on Thu 15 November 2007, 19:20:11

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

MSN wrote a preview for Fallout 3, thinking that it's going to be the best game of 2008.

There aren’t many games companies confident enough to start fuelling the hype around their games a full year before they are scheduled to hit the shops, but Bethesda are doing just that with their ‘next big thing’ Fallout 3 – and they have already succeeded in making it one of the most eagerly anticipated titles around.​

Yes, hype... that's what they do best, after all. Praising a game to the heavens a year before it has been released isn't a very good sign, really, Bethesda did it before and we know how it ended.

Of course, when it’s Bethesda – the software house behind the mighty Oblivion games – that are making the game, and they can boast the voice talents of Liam Neeson and Ron Perlman in a series of games that already has a huge nostalgic fan-base, you can begin to imagine just why excitement is building.​

Yeah, and this shows exactly why Fallout 3 will be so great. It's made by the guys responsible for the "Oblivion games" [I thought Oblivion was only one game, but maybe he wanted to say "Elder Scrolls" instead] and has two well-known actors to be voice actors. I can already see the greatness.

During the demo, we witnessed a mission that saw the player decide whether to blow up the entire township of ‘Megaton’ which is assembled around an unexploded warhead. Although we watched in delight as the town was reduced to dust, this option would leave the player facing a very different game to one who chose to save the residents.​

I wonder why they always mention exactly the same quest when giving an example for the choice and consequence in FO3. Makes me wonder if there actually are any other quests giving you some harsh game-changing consequences besides this one.

“In some cases you will make a choice that is unrecoverable. Obviously if you do something like blow up Megaton you can try to work your way back up the Karma system but you’re probably not going to get back to even neutral – because you can’t make up for being that evil!​

Good and evil? Where's the moral ambiguity gone? Meh, let's hope they'll at least manage to deliver on the choices and consequences and make them at least somewhat logical.
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