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A Very Survival Horror Type Of Setting....

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A Very Survival Horror Type Of Setting....

Preview - posted by Edward_R_Murrow on Thu 18 June 2009, 08:01:00

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3 Fallout 3's Point Lookout. Gaming Giant did an interview with Bethesda's Jeff Gardiner, asking the tough questions
Will it feature new achievements?

Yes there are four new achievements.
as well as finding out just how true to the spirit of Fallout this is and in no way more of Bethesda trying to shoehorn cheap horror into the franchise.
There the player will uncover a mystery in a very ‘survival horror’ type of setting.
The main quest will lead you to investigating a mysterious cult of locals who have taken over the area by infiltrating them. There are also approximately half a dozen side quests, which include delving into a mystery of Consance Blackhall and her occult obsession, helping a local whose sick and needs a special tonic, and helping a local kid who hasn’t been mutated from years of living off swamp water.
There's also a bunch of information that has been repeated over and over in other previews, in case you haven't heard anything about Point Lookout.
Spotted at: No Mutants Allowed

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