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Oblivion article in PC Gamer

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Oblivion article in PC Gamer

Game News - posted by Vault Dweller on Sat 25 December 2004, 18:53:58

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

There is a short article on Oblivion in the January issue (yes, it's from teh future!) of PC Gamer. The article informs the readers that Oblivion "will be a return to a more medieval-feeling gameworld, as opposed to the more fantastic sword-and-sorcery realm of Morrowind"

Most impressive is the foliage and terrain of the forest environments. The developers have gone to almost absurd lengths to make it this way; for example, soil erosion is modeled in the game engine, based on terrain studies by geologists. Eureka!​
I'm pretty sure that Morrowind's gameplay was also suggested by geologists. They are a fun bunch.

More importantly, the combat system is now based on a real-time "genuine hit" system. In other words, say goodbye to the old style of furiously clicking the fire button and hoping the behind-the-scenes dice-rolling scored a hit​
...and say hello to the similarly old style of furiously clicking the fire button and hoping that you hit something. Teh revolushun!

What won't change is the focus on deep, ultra-customized character play. You'll have expansive magic trees and inventory options, and a new level of Barbie-doll individuality for gear and weapons.​
Expansive magic trees, huh? Is that the big secret, MrSmiley? Care to comment on that if you can? Anyway, opinions on the magic trees, please.

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