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The Pitt Media Blitz Starts Up

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The Pitt Media Blitz Starts Up

Preview - posted by Edward_R_Murrow on Thu 5 March 2009, 21:07:32

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

Seeing as the Pitt DLC for Fallout 3 has officially been dated at March 24th, Bethesda has seen fit to start the hype machine up with plenty of hands on previews, a few screenshots, and likely more to come. From the UK Official Xbox Magazine:

It's at this point that The Pitt shows that it retains Fallout 3's ability to deftly and subtly allow your decisions to influence the action, that makes you want to revisit. As you approach the slave camps, you notice a couple of slaves dashing for freedom, who get blown up by the mines. Will you take their slave outfit and get into the camp that way? Will you try to join the slavers as a recruit? It's up to you.
Once you join The Pitt, you then have to figure out how to achieve your goals while maintaining the facade of being a weak-willed slave worker. The Pitt works as a central hub almost in the same way Megaton did, the difference being that The Pitt is much bigger and the suffocating sense of oppression gives it an entirely different feel. Slaves are covered with cuts, bruises and skin peeling off their faces. The sound of clanking metal and whirring grinders create a noisy din. Guards tell you to "**** off" if you try talk to them. The Pitt isn't a nice place to be.
Unlike Operation Anchorage, The Pitt isn't focused on combat. You have the traditional push-and-pull of quests that send you scurrying around the terrain collecting objects, investigating mysterious circumstances or just happening on odd scenarios. In the Steel Mill, you find an injured slave worker on the floor that the guards are ignoring. You have the choice of healing him or putting him out his misery. Help or hinder? The choice is yours.
Inside The Pitt, you have a contact called Midea who sets you on the right path towards the cure - you need to triumph in the arena, where slaves are put up against a vast array of fighters in a 'symbolic' bid to win their freedom.​
And Eurogamer:

It begins, as Anchorage did, with a distress signal. A chap called Wernher has escaped from The Pitt with the knowledge that someone deep in its bowels has discovered a mutation cure. They're not keen on sharing, seeing as the majority of the slaves there have rotting faces and are on their way to becoming the half-human trogs that roam unguarded areas. As such it's a remedy that could do with liberating. (There's a potential for profit too, if you're slightly more inclined towards evil.)
I won't ruin the experience by presenting a laboured 'What I done on a third of my holidays' linear account of The Pitt; but that word 'linear' is worth analysing. The Pitt is linear in that it's a sequence of linked quests in different areas of a map, much like Operation Anchorage and the more location-based affairs in the main game. But there's no doubt you feel less funnelled and less hurried as you pootle around the outskirts, primary foundry hub and early trog-infested 'dungeon' area.
Well, as humble and slave-like as you can be while foraging for steel bars with a looted assault rifle and a tool called a 'Man Opener', that is. A tool that's frankly more gory and over-powered than anything yet seen in the wasteland.
What's more, as my time in the Pitt came to a close, I got a sneak peek at the grass roots of the content. At the heart of dystopian Pittsburgh lies a combat arena - the almighty pillar of Bethesda's past work in the Elder Scrolls series that, thinking about it, was conspicuous by its absence in Fallout 3. In there, it can be assumed, you'll be able to show these bastard slavers what you're made of. Remember: you're not locked up in there with them, they're locked up in there with you...​

"Man-Opener"? No comment.
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