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Oblivion spooge at GameSpot(Xbox360 version)

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Oblivion spooge at GameSpot(Xbox360 version)

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 25 March 2006, 04:34:47

Tags: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

GameSpot has posted a review of TES4: Oblivion on their XBox site. Since the XBox360 version and PC version are pretty much identical, right down to the shitty, large ass interface which someone should get their eyes ripped out for inflicting on PC owners, I figured I'd post this anyway. Score is 9.6/10. Here's a bit about the downside of the AI:

However, the more believable a game is, the more believable you want it to be, and it's true that the artificial intelligence in Oblivion doesn't always put on a good show. You can break into someone's home and wake them up for a chat, and they'll chat with you like nothing's happened. But the guards still might suddenly show up, seemingly without notice, but probably because one of them saw you crack the lock on the front door. Sometimes you'll battle alongside computer-controlled allies, but while these guys may be likable, they really aren't good at self-preservation, and you'll probably catch yourself mourning their loss more than their comrades will. Also, you can't bash stuff open, and no bathrooms are to be found anywhere in a world that's otherwise so finely detailed that it genuinely seems lived in. But the things about it that aren't always realistic or believable can still be amusing and entertaining. You're free to do whatever you want. Why not find out what happens if you try to pickpocket the pants of the Count of Skingrad? You can always load your saved game, and you can save quickly at any point.​
It's kind of funny, they praise the AI for things like people calling guards when you're seen stealing, which is something that you should really expect to happen in any game that has the concept of stealing and ownership, but then let things like that slide when they score the game? Wasn't the AI the huge hyping point of this game?

Thanks, SanguinePenguin!

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