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Oblivion lubbed by GamesFirst

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Oblivion lubbed by GamesFirst

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 10 April 2006, 19:07:26

Tags: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

GamesFirst has a review of TES4: Oblivion as well. I didn't see a score there, but I didn't really look too hard. Scores are pretty arbitrary things anyway. The reviewer recommends the game to any serious gamer, so I guess that's the score. In turn, I'll respond to that by questioning the reviewer's manhood. That aside, clip:

Secondly, the game can be hard. And this is almost the exact opposite kind of difficulty we "enjoyed" in Morrowind. The developers made a sloping difficulty curve so that inexperienced gamers can jump right into the main quest, when they really should be doing side quests for a while first. This means that no matter what level you are, the enemies you face are always equally matched. That's great for the noobs, but what about level 13 beasts like myself? I don't want to find myself getting stomped by little dinosaurs in the main quest when I've just taken command of all four guilds in the game! Sheesh. I just killed the listener of the Dark Brotherhood, along with most of his advisors and bodyguards - why do I have to struggle with Clanfears?! You'd think my Longsword of Pain would kill the stupid dino with one swipe. But no. It's a real shame when you're more than 40 hours into a game and start having real troubles. Continuous challenges are good, but there should be some beasts we can walk through with no problem once we're the most afeared whatever in Tamriel.​
It is a rather silly dynamic. It's almost like an RTS where while you build up, the AI is building up at the same time. Of course, in an RTS, there's a decent reason why the enemy is building up which isn't the case here.

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