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ES4: Oblivion - Nehrim Released in English

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ES4: Oblivion - Nehrim Released in English

Mod News - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Mon 13 September 2010, 14:14:28

Tags: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

It's time to rejoice, ESCodex. The english version of Nehrim - At Fate's Edge, the best Oblivion mod ever besides Fallout: New Vegas, has been released.

1.)  Nehrim is a game focusing both on story and classical RPG gameplay. You solve quests, earn experience points, collect better equipment. Although this sounds rather conventional, Nehrim finds a perfect balance between a stunning presentation and the actual game. If you are not motivated to proceed playing once you have started, you are probably doing something wrong.

2.) There is something to discover at every corner in Nehrim. Monotonous woods and impassionately designed dungeons? Not here! And honestly: Who wants to wander through landscapes you can find outside your own home? Nehrim includes sets of landscapes that have never been implemented in any game before.

3.) There is more to the story than "Go save the world". Much more. The characters have deep personalities, they change throughout the game. And who knows, there may even be some romance...

4.) There is going to be a new soundtrack. Our team musicians Simon W. Autenrieth and Lukas Deschel have been industrious so even acoustics freaks will be comfortable in the new world. Aside from these compositions there will also be a gig by Schandmaul, a popular Folk-Rock band, who kindly have provided a song for the project.

5.) Nehrim has an elaborate synchronization. And when we say elaborate, we're talking no less than 56 professional voice actors and a recording studio from Berlin that got our backs. Regarding this, Nehrim may just be one of the biggest synchronization projects ever having been undergone for a fan project.

6.) Nehrim is free. All you need is a copy of TES IV: Oblivion.
Download here.
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