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Oblivion E3 hype from ConsoleGold

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Oblivion E3 hype from ConsoleGold

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 4 June 2005, 10:33:36

Tags: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Console Gold has a preview of Oblivion. Guess what, people. It's not going to be a port! Here's definitive proof:

We moved away from the storyline and into the more technical aspects of the game engine. From day 1, this game was built to be an Xbox 360 and PC title, so this will not be a port in any fashion. We observed that there were multiple textures on every surface, normal maps, specular maps, parallax maps, diffuse maps, and more running in true High Definition. Dynamic shadows were also in place which were best demonstrated by shining light through the ribcage of a skeleton. The light diffused and cast an appropriate shadow as the light source moved around the ribcage. We cast the ribs aside and they clattered along the ground using the real world physics system. As impressive as this was, we were told that over 9000 objects in the world have been painstakingly rendered to this level of perfection. As the demo went on we saw this time and time again. The armor was intricate, dented, reflective, furry, or rusted as appropriate – far beyond the level of any game seen to date.​
Uh, what? Can someone smarter than me please explain that?

Thanks, Ron Burke, Director of ConsoleGold.

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