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Oblivion massacred by Softpedia

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Oblivion massacred by Softpedia

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 15 May 2006, 07:14:36

Tags: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Softpedia has nailed, strung up, chopped up, and mauled that silly little Oblivion game in a really lengthy fashion. Though, I have to completely disagree with the assertion that it's not a CRPG. It is. It's just not that good of one. Anyway, rebukement:

On the other hand, I am mad at my fellow journalists who contented themselves with a superficial look at a game with such prestige. Furthermore, they successfully redefined the RPG notion into some twisted vagueness specific to the brain-dead console games, something which has absolutely nothing, "nada!" in common with the origins of PC RPG-s, the Wizards of the Coast’s DnD games. Where is the dynamic news system? Great deeds give birth to rumors and rumors give birth to legends. And where is the freedom of decision-making that should dramatically determine the course of the entire story? How can one become a hero if his faith is sealed by the will of the storyteller? There can never be Good without the temptation of Evil – where is the dark side in Oblivion? And what is this "master of all guilds" bull-manure? What is this, GTA?​
Oh yeah, baby. My nipples explode with delight.

Thanks, Gnidrologist!

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