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Mount & Blade Revealed

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Mount & Blade Revealed

Game News - posted by Exitium on Sun 27 March 2005, 22:33:30

Tags: Mount & Blade; TaleWorlds

Mount & Blade, previously known as Warrider, has just been revealed our very own RPG Codex forums by Turkey-based RPG developers TaleWorlds.

I am one of the developers of the action-RPG "Mount&Blade". Perhaps you'll remember our game. It used to be named "Warrider" and VD had made a news post about it. And even before that I had made a post about it while the name was still "Way of the Sword". Well, it has become kind of a tradition to let the codexers know every time we change the game's name so here we go...

Apart from the name change, there are quite a few new developments. We have made the most recent version of the game available for download. And although the game is still in beta, we have started to offer it for sale it too. (Think of this as pre-ordering, but with the added benefit of freely downloading and playing the beta. It makes a lot of sense to us as a way of financing the game's development. I don't know why noone else does it.)

You can visit our website to download the game or to get more info:

I'll be around (actually I visit RPG Codex from time to time. It's addictive) so if you have any remarks or questions I'll be happy to chat.

Check it out.

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