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Divine Divinity at Gaming Illustrated

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Divine Divinity at Gaming Illustrated

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sun 3 November 2002, 02:02:33

Tags: Divine Divinity

Gaming Illustrated has put up a review of the European part hack 'em up, part "I wonder what all I can do with this rake?" CRPG, Divine Divinity. While the review is mixed, the reviewer ends up giving it an 80%. He does give props to the designer for making it well polished. Here's a taste:

The story is a fairly clichéd one, 'you, the chosen one, must rise up against the veil forces of blah blah' but it is presented to you in an interesting way. Before you begin your quest against the Lord of Chaos you aren't really given any direction. Your game begins with you being hit by some strange white light which leaves you unconscious in a forest, rescued by some healers you are left to your own devices within their compound. You cannot leave at this point due to the fact the compound is under siege from Orcs…so you have to find numerous little tasks to perform which end up with you plunging several levels below the ground into some tombs…so far, pure Diablo. Even the music reminds me of Diablo, although this is by no means a criticism, both games have an excellent score…​

Well, I'll concede that point. It is a bit cliche at times. It's still a solid game, despite that.

I think the best thing I've heard about the game to sum it up is what Kyote of RPG Planet said about it. "Just when you think it's Diablo, it does something cool."

Spotted over at Blue's News

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