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Restricted Area character system part 2: Basics

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Restricted Area character system part 2: Basics

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 12 April 2005, 02:18:15

Tags: Jan Beuck; Master Creating; Restricted Area

Speaking of Restricted Area, Jan Beuck has passed along, after a whole year, the next installment of the character system articles for the game. This up, THE BASICS. Here's a bit:

Tolerance: Tolerance shows you the number of tolerable implants in your body. Strength x 5 Every implant costs you tolerance points. Your body can only accept a few cyber implants. You can't use more implants than your body can tolerate. Biogenetics implants have the advantage that the Doc can transform them into the DNA of the character. After the tranformation, the implant will not cost any tolerance points. Tip: Victoria loses a tolerance point for every 5 points of PSI energy. Genetically optimized Bioware have no negative effects for Victoria's PSI energy.
No pain, no gain!

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