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Minions of Mirth Open Alpha

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Minions of Mirth Open Alpha

Preview - posted by Exitium on Thu 14 April 2005, 03:56:35

Tags: Minions of Mirth; Prairie Games

Josh Ritter has announced that they will soon be conducting an Open Alpha for their RPG Minions of Mirth with the full mod making SDK and Level Editing software.

We will soon be conducting Open Alpha Testing on Minions of Mirth.

We will announce the beginning of the Open Alpha Test here. At that time, we'll send out an instructional email to chosen testers.

The alpha includes the full mod making SDK and level editing software. We'll also be running a number of contests and looking for help writing content for the game.

Potential testers and helpers should email: lara@prairiegames.com

We are a bit behind on updating the game's web page. Some newer screens can be found HERE and there is also a FAQ

-Josh Ritter
Prairie Games​

Thanks wesleyclark.

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