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Mount & Blade interview at eToychest

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Mount & Blade interview at eToychest

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Sun 8 May 2005, 13:38:55

Tags: Mount & Blade; TaleWorlds

eToychest has posted an interview with armagan of the Mount & Blade fame. Mount & Blade is a very interesting indie project, so click on that link or read these impressions at the Codex.

What first inspired you to create a game like Mount and Blade? Was it your idea, your wife's, or a combination?
I always wanted to make a game with intense and challenging swordplay (Don't we all?). I had a few ideas about how to do it, so at one time, I made a quick prototype with Blender. I was satisfied with the gameplay and decided to go on with it as a hobby project. As I went on and built up the game slowly, I realized I was good at this so I took it up as a full time task. Ipek is an exceptional artist and did wonders with the graphics, but she is not really into computer games. She says she already spends too much time with the computer to enjoy using it for a hobby (silly girl).

Is M & B the first game you've ever created, or have you worked on them before?
Mount & Blade is our first serious, commercial game project. Neither of us has worked professionally on game development before.

It's obvious. If you did, you would have known that it's impossible to implement mounted combat in a game. Duh!
Good to see you are doing well, armagan!

Spotted at: RPG Dot

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