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Fate updated

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Fate updated

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 24 May 2005, 22:28:27

Tags: Fate

Per this thread on the official Fate forum, Fate has been updated. Not sure what the new version number is, since it's not listed anywhere. So, if you downloaded the game today, you already have the new version. If you downloaded it before then, you might want to grab a new copy of it. So, here's the new modem version and the new broadband version. You have to re-download the version you originally downloaded to see this fixes:

  • (Critical) VERY RARE freeze when loading levels. This has to do with a level not generating properly and being unable to find a place to stick the stairwell.
  • Artifact items were not sellable for the correct price - they ended up selling too cheap.
  • If the pet turned into a creature with spells, the pet was not learning those spells. Not necessarily a bug, but needed to be changed IMHO.
  • 'Increases' was misspelled in one of the tooltips
  • Rattlekill was not showing up as an Artifact
  • Black Bit artifact had two Strength requirements
  • Fish Caught statistic was actually tracking Times Fished instead.
  • Rollover text on portal in town now tells you which dungeon level is on the other end
  • Mousing over your health bar now shows your resistances ( if you have any )
  • Underneath the health bar of monsters you can see summoning duration, or transformation duration for pets
  • Spells did not tell you whether you could write them when they were in shops - only while in your inventory - fixed
  • Fish did not tell you what they did when they were in your stash, or in other merchants' ( besides the fish merchants' ) inventories
  • If you had a spell as active spell, and the only reason you could use it was due to magical effects, then when you reloaded your game, the spell would become inactive. Fixed
  • Using a magic anvil while your pet was going to town would cause them to return without selling their stuff first.
  • Some of the collision boxes for crates were reduced to prevent hallway blockages in rare circumstances
  • The skeletons in the modem version had little pink halos between their fingers. Fixed.
  • The 'teen numbers ( 13th, 14th, 15th ) were showing up wrong ( 13rd ) fixed.
And I thought pets were just drawn to the use of magic anvils!

Thanks, Taluntain, who is our funtabulous host and runs that silly D&D CRPG site.

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