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Circle of Eight TOEE Forum Issues

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Circle of Eight TOEE Forum Issues

Mod News - posted by Sol Invictus on Wed 1 June 2005, 21:44:37

Tags: Temple of Elemental Evil

Yeah, it's still not dead, and it won't be anytime soon, either. That said, the vibrant TOEE community is having a minor problem involving the VBulletin forum. I'll outline the issues here:
The VBulletin forum had to be shut down, and unfortunately due to the lack of any VBulletin3 -> PHPBB2 forum converter at the present, all of the old posts are lost until the PHPBB community manages to come up with a suitable convertor, or I manage to accumulate approximately $170.00 (correction: not 160, but 170, because paypal takes like 3-4%) in donations to buy us a permanently owned license of VBulletin3. I will use the license to restore the CO8 forum and implement some new forums dedicated to whatever else I, or the community finds to be of interest.

Donations for the forum can be sent to this paypal account handled by

Until then, we'll have to use this PHPBB. Please send me an email at if you have any requests for specific threads to be reposted. I've also implemented an attachment mod for PHPBB so you can reupload, or upload any files into the new forum.

If you want to discuss anything with me or want more immediate contact, as I rarely read my e-mails - please MSN me at or XFire my account "exitium"

Please create a new account on this PHPBB forum, and for users like Livonya, Morpheus (whom I've already contacted), Zhuge and others I'm no doubt forgetting, please contact me ASAP so I can give you administrative/moderator status so we can get this forum back up and running again.

Welp, that's it. The new forum's alive, and Morpheus is busily copy/pasting all of the more important/interesting/whatever forum threads that he can get in the meantime, so not all is lost.

Edit: You can visit the new forum here.

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