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Dungeon Lords hammered by Action Trip

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Dungeon Lords hammered by Action Trip

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 8 June 2005, 22:32:33

Tags: Dungeon Lords

Action Trip, one of those sites that loves action, has written a review of Dungeon Lords. They hated it like most other people. In fact, the final score is a Don't Bother/10. Ouch. Here's a clip:

I did manage to reach the town in the end by catching a few "lucky" breaks. Oh, yes… The enemy AI is so stupid that you can easily trick them into killing their buddies by simply making sure the melee fighters chasing you are in the way of the spell casters who are trying to fry your ass. Or you could lure them to a door and then activate the door lock; like sliding doors in shopping malls, the wooden doors will keep trying to close and at the same time, keep slamming into the unfortunate enemies trying to get through. The whole scene looks utterly stupid, but it's fun in a way. Often, the enemy would get stuck on doorframes too, at which point I would switch to my bow and arrow and stick arrows in them until they were dead. Priceless AI.​
Actually, I'm pretty sure that door squishing thing was intentional and is a feature. D.W. Bradley must have played Dungeon Master!

Thanks, space captain!

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