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NMA Fallout developer profile - MCA, part II

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NMA Fallout developer profile - MCA, part II

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Sat 11 June 2005, 03:19:02

Tags: Chris Avellone; Obsidian Entertainment

NMA is still doing that Fallout developer profile thingy that brings you answers to important questions like "What’s your favorite Fallout memory?", "What was it like being part of the Fallout team?", and "If you were a post-apoc tree, what kinda tree would you be?". The latest victim is MCA, known for Planescape: Torment and, sadly, for KOTOR II.

What’s your favorite Fallout memory?

I don’t know. Long walks on the beach maybe? The first kiss? What kind of dumbass question is this? I didn’t have a romantic relationship with the game, for fuck’s sake.

I also have pleasant memories of Odin continually asking for confidential information on the game with the conditional ”Oh, I won’t tell anyone” tacked on. For anyone reading this, if you ever ask me for confidential information, you’re wasting your time, and furthermore, you’re making me angry. Don’t make me angry. I am angry and bitter enough as it is.

What was it like being part of the Fallout team?

It was great! Wow! It was the best! Man, the times we had! The hookers! The blow! It was a non-stop orgy!​
Gotta love his style

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