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Tower of Doom notes version 0.4.0

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Tower of Doom notes version 0.4.0

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 17 June 2005, 21:22:29

Tags: Warp Rogue

The Warhammer40k-esque rogue-like Tower of Doom has updated to version 0.4.0. What's new? Lots:
  • Improved "monster list"
  • Implemented Mark of Slaanesh
  • Removed Haggle ability (I've decided that haggling is out of theme)
  • Added new item type: Note
  • Added bones (used to "decorate" levels)
  • Replaced the "Rest" command with a new "Recover/Wait" command. It's now possible to recover (i.e. restore health) while enemies are nearby.
  • New Command: Switch Characters
    It is now possible to switch between the characters in your party.
    That means you can choose which character you want to control.
    This also allows you to equip and advance your companions.
  • New (early) recruitable NPC: Igor (a big dumb mutant).
  • Reworked character development system (careers are gone!).
  • UI improvements
  • New psychic power: Terrify
  • New stimm: Brav'ry
  • New ability: Fearless
  • New item: C'tan Phase Sword (ignores armour)
  • New damage system: The new system has a higher "resolution" than the old one (i.e. swords and axes do different amounts of damage now).
  • Misc. minor changes
Hey, looks like another rogue-like went party. Scary. It's almost like a trend in action.

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