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Restricted Area dubbed okay at GameOver

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Restricted Area dubbed okay at GameOver

Review - posted by Spazmo on Wed 22 June 2005, 20:57:15

Tags: Master Creating; Restricted Area

GameOver have done a brief review of master creating's action RPG Restricted Area. They thought it was worth 71%, with the shortness of the game and average graphics and sound dragging down the score.

On a more positive side, Master Creating studied Diablo pretty closely, and they figured out (where most other developers have failed) how to make a game addictive. They did this by making characters fun to build up -- and by allowing them to play in the campaign multiple times so that you can continue to build them up -- and by giving characters a large assortment of equipment to wear, where each piece of equipment has a variety of bonuses that it can give. In fact, in a nice move, while the corporations that run the world are largely ignored in the game (the campaign simply focuses on bringing down the most powerful one), each piece of equipment is associated with a corporation, and if you wear multiple pieces from the same corporation, then you get a synergy bonus, with the bonus increasing with the more pieces you wear. I thought this was a clever way of handling set equipment in the game.​
Well, I'd say Diablo's longevity was mostly due to its excellent multiplayer over Battle.net, something that's far out of reach for a smaller company like master creating.
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