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Restricted Area so-so to GameRevolution

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Restricted Area so-so to GameRevolution

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 23 June 2005, 20:10:49

Tags: Restricted Area

Game Revolution has written a review of Restricted Area. They score the game a C- and seem to mention that the game was made by two guys a lot. Anyway, here's the clip:

It’s a little weird, though, that you can just swap body parts on the fly without visiting a hospital. Find a new heart on the floor? Just pop it in. Mmmmm… sanitary. Likewise, some of the random missions feel wrong. Steal a prototype from a rival factory? Sure. But why is the "factory" a broken wreck full of mutants (like the last five locations), instead of a clean facility full of workers and guards? Probably because two guys programmed the whole damn game.​
Yup, I kind of wondered about the cyber organ thing myself. You can kind of see how you can change armor on the fly in fantasy games, but plucking an eye out and replacing it is a little different.

EDITED on September 11(!), 2008 by Elwro: folks from GameRevolution contacted us to change the links to their site.

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