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Dungeon Lords patched up to 1.3

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Dungeon Lords patched up to 1.3

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 29 June 2005, 20:54:39

Tags: Dungeon Lords

Dungeon Lords gets a patch. Here's the changes:

Version 1.3 Update (available at retail box and downloadable)
Added feature: Auto-map available for usage throughout the game world.

Version 1.2 (available at retail box)
Gameplay tweak: Two boss battles (Shaduroth, Nypherus) slightly adjusted.
Gameplay tweak: Random monster drops adjusted slightly.
Gameplay tweak: Locust spell has been slightly reduced in damage and no longer "jumps" over distances.
Gameplay tweak: Samurai/Imperial armor bonus strike/parry changed to +1 per item.
Added feature: SaveGame thumbnail images.
Bug fix: Junk inventory operates correctly now allowing players to keep
duplicates of the 18 most valuable items.
Bug fix: Potions of Power working correctly.
Bug fix: Rare cases of automatically equipped items which can't be removed.
Bug fix: Occasional Volgar double-speech at end game fixed.
Bug fix: Quest characters now remain in the world if the player runs away and enters another scene.
Bug fix: Monster summons can no longer get stuck in terrain or walls in the Demon Realm.
Bug fix: NPCs (Elderon, Morgus, Valkyra) should no longer get stuck in objects if blocked in their path.​
Hooray for auto-maps!

Thanks, Tara!

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