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Restricted Area smack down at IGN

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Restricted Area smack down at IGN

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 29 June 2005, 21:33:50

Tags: Restricted Area

Restricted Area gets another beating, this time in the review from IGN where it scores a 6/10. Here's the wrap up:

Ten years ago, the gaming world would have been impressed with Restricted Area. Sadly, the game's content and visuals just can't compete with the few other action RPGs that you can find on store shelves. The only reasons a gamer would prefer this game over the other more enjoyable selections out there are either 1) they don't have a computer powerful enough to run Dungeon Siege or 2) they just can't find a copy of Fallout. I tend to think I'd be a lot more understanding if Restricted Area weren't carrying that forty-dollar price tag.​
I'm pretty sure this game and Dungeon Siege have the similar hardware requirements. That and Dungeon Siege gets real old, real quick.

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