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Restricted Area beat down by eToychest

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Restricted Area beat down by eToychest

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 30 June 2005, 14:05:08

Tags: Restricted Area

eToychest brutally horse whips Restricted Area in their review of the game. The final score is 35%, which I guess is pretty low. In fact, it's probably so low that many of the German fans of the game will be forced to kill themselves in shame after reading it. Here's a glimpse of the pain:

Sadly, there is next to nothing that is redeemable about Restricted Area. The gameplay is extremely tedious. The creatures are all too similar, and the AI is practically nonexistent. The graphical presentation is immature, and the ramshackle storyline is unforgivable in a game that packages itself as an RPG. Restricted Area tries to marry sci-fi and the successful elements of Diablo, but it fails to do so. There is something so very mediocre about this game. One hopes that the genre doesn’t wither and die, and that other developers try their hand at filling the hole left by others so long ago, because gamers need a game like Restricted Area. They just need a much better one.​
Is he implying that this game is bad enough to kill the action CRPG genre?

Thanks, Shagnak!

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