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RA gets some love from GameChronicles

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RA gets some love from GameChronicles

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 1 July 2005, 18:17:17

Tags: Restricted Area

There's a more positive review of Restricted Area over on GameChronicles. They end up giving the game a 7/10, but most of it's pretty up beat. Here's part of the conclusion:

Restricted Area isn’t going to set any new gold standard or change the world of action-RPG games. It still knows how to show a gamer a good time, though, and it still knows how to be a solid game by any standard. If you’re not looking to be wowed and are just up for some good action and a cool world to play around in, then give Restricted Area a go. You won’t be disappointed.​
That's one of my problems with the game. There really isn't enough of the cool world to pay around with. The manual has a lot of story in it, but there's just not that much of it in the game.

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