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GamerGirl celebrates the Joy of MCA

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GamerGirl celebrates the Joy of MCA

Interview - posted by Spazmo on Fri 8 July 2005, 19:10:00

Tags: Chris Avellone; Obsidian Entertainment

I asked community veteran Killzig to provide a guest news post on this one just for fun, so here we go:

The intrepid staff at Gamer Girl! have posted the much anticipated sequel to their interview with MCA. They ask some really hard hitting questions like...

Q: Who was your favorite character from Planescape? (Mine was Dak'kon.)

Morte beyond a shadow of a doubt. He was the easiest and most fun to write. It's a lot easier writing sarcastic and odd characters rather than the cliches. A lot of the CNPCs in Neverwinter 2 have that same edge to them, which makes them fun to interact with.

Q: Who was your favorite character from KOTOR II? (Mine was probably Bao-dur.)

Kreia. She seemed to be the most ready vessel for exploring the philosophy of the Force, which I've always wanted to sink my teeth into.​
Funny that! One character inspired by the great Dennis Quaid flick Undercover Blues and another who, as Spazmo so eloquently put it, is "a composite of every raging hormone filled bitch any man has ever spoken to."

Read more of MCA milking the critical acclaim from PST for all its worth over yonder.

Thanks Killzig, and hey, MCA, isn't it nice to have Killian bitching at you again?

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