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Restricted Area pulped by Eurogamer

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Restricted Area pulped by Eurogamer

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 26 July 2005, 20:34:53

Tags: Restricted Area

EuroGamer has posted a pretty scathing review of Restricted Area. The score is a 4/10 and nearly every paragraph pounds something in the game. Here's the conclusion:

It is, in all, a dreadful game. It's probably an astonishing achievement for the work of two guys. But so would be a space-shuttle launch attempt, and we challenge anyone to volunteer for that space program. The story couldn't be more clichéd, the fighting more tiresome, the dialogue more nonsensical, the graphics more primitive, the acting more wooden. It doesn't matter who makes a game; what matters is whether you'll enjoy playing it. And you won't. Not even it a bit.​
Wow. You know, I have to wonder if this game would have gotten better reviews if it were released as a $20 budget game. It's not that good for a full price fair, but I didn't think it was as bad as the recent reviews have said.

PS to the author: Yes, games in the 1980s, including Atari ST games, most certainly had pathfinding.

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