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H-World/Jungle update frenzy

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H-World/Jungle update frenzy

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 11 November 2002, 04:52:53

Tags: H-World

H-world, a scriptable rogue-like engine, has been on a furious update path recently. Here's part of the updates:

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NEW: looking is now possible in all 8 directions.(Previously only the major 4 directions).
CHANGE: improved thing inspector display a bit released H-World 0.1.3

FIX: fixed a bug in player_visual_connector which occasionally prohibited display of weld clubs and maces
NEW: user defineable inventory graphics files)
NEW: castle boss level
NEW: item inspector now works with ground view too
CHANGE: about 10% of all generated items get magic prefixes​

There are also doc files on the H-World page that tell you how to use the scripting for this engine. It comes with a varient made with the engine as well, called, "The Jungle" for those interested in play time rather than script time.

Spotted this at YARNS.

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