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Interview with Jeff Vogel

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Interview with Jeff Vogel

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 11 November 2002, 21:47:12

Tags: Avernum 3

We've just posted our interview with Spiderweb Software's guru of gurus, Jeff Vogel. Here's a bit of the interrogation:

6.) You've come up with a few fairly original ideas for CRPG settings. Avernum/Exile were essentially high fantasy games within a giant dungeon world. Geneforge was a quasi-fantasy biotech setting. What inspires your settings? Do you feel that unique settings help or hurt CRPGs?

Don't forget Nethergate, set in Roman-occupation Britain.

My settings tend to be inspired by books I read and movies I see. My plots tend to come all out of my own head (though based in a basic fantasy framework), but the settings tend to infect me from outside.​

Thanks for the interview, Jeff!

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