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Fable chatter at GameSpot

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Fable chatter at GameSpot

Interview - posted by Spazmo on Wed 24 August 2005, 03:50:45

Tags: Fable: The Lost Chapters; Lionhead Studios

Hot on the heels of the <a href=http://rpgcodex.com/index.php#3771>GOLD[/url] announcement, Gamespot PC have posted an interview with Dene Carter, the "creative director" of the Fable team, a title that just sounds like a euphemism for something really unpleasant.

DC: There's a huge variety of new quests. The main story ones are epic, heroic, life-changing, world-shaking events--the sorts of things that make you ask yourself: "Could I really bring myself to do that?" We're very pleased indeed with the morality implications in some of these. There's one regarding the guild master that will have certain fans jumping for joy.​
Whoa--BioWare PR, eat your heart out. "Epic, heroic, life-changing, world-shaking events"! Pace yourself, Dene, you'll pull a hyping muscle.

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