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Lionhead Studios

Lionhead Studios

Articles associated with this tag:

2-Sep-2008 Uberlong Fable: The Lost Chapters Review
6-Jun-2011 Fable III PC Review
11-Oct-2010 10 Reasons Why Fable III Will Be the Best Yet
1-Oct-2010 Fable III Redefines the Interface
21-Sep-2010 Q&A with Fable III's Louise Murray
26-Aug-2010 Fable III Info Package
3-Aug-2010 Fable III for PC Delayed
2-Aug-2010 Three ways Lionhead Studios can improve Fable 3
30-Jul-2010 Keeping Promises in Fable 3 is Difficult
22-Jul-2010 Peter Molyneux Interview
17-Jul-2010 Fable II had huge design flaws
15-Jul-2010 Fable 3 Has Dialogue
7-Jul-2010 Fable 3 Has Followers
29-Jun-2010 Peter Molyneux Unveils Valium Habit
18-Jun-2010 Fable 3 Info Round Up
15-Jun-2010 Fable III at E3 and Release Date Announced
22-May-2010 Fable III headed to PC & CE announced
18-Mar-2010 Peter Molyneux Interview
18-Mar-2010 Peter Molyneux wants You to see the Dragon
9-Feb-2010 Fable III Could Piss You Off
5-Feb-2010 What can change the nature of RPG?
3-Feb-2010 The Complex Challenges of Intuitive Design
22-Mar-2008 Molyneux shop talks with ShackNews
24-Feb-2008 Shack's glimpse at Fable 2
17-Oct-2007 Power to the people - brought to you by Molyneux
8-Aug-2007 Completely fucking nuts: a Molyneux article
23-Jul-2007 Fable 2: One button to rule them all
22-May-2007 Peter Molyneux wants you to think about death
23-Aug-2006 Molyneux talking crazy again
28-Sep-2005 Dumbing down RULEZ! (A Fable review)
19-Sep-2005 Fable unfing at Armchair Empire
17-Sep-2005 Fable TLC okayed by GameSpot
17-Sep-2005 IGN all gooey over Fable
14-Sep-2005 Fable worshipping at NZ Thread
14-Sep-2005 Fable: Lesson Learned - Shit sells
24-Aug-2005 Fable chatter at GameSpot
8-Jul-2005 The secrets of Fable's comedy gold

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