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Peter Molyneux Interview

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Peter Molyneux Interview

Interview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Thu 22 July 2010, 18:56:54

Tags: Fable 2; Lionhead Studios; Peter Molyneux

Eurogamer conducted an interview with RPG Godfather Peter Molyneux himself.

<p class="interviewQuestion"><span class="whoistalking">Eurogamer</span>: You said there were aspects of Fable II you weren't happy with. Eurogamer gave it 10/10 and it sold millions of copies.
<p class="interviewAnswer"><span class="whoistalking">Peter Molyneux</span>: I know you did. That was one of the first reviews that we saw. You know, this is what you don't realise being journalists - and you should, you should do this, it would make your life so amazing - when you give a score to a game, you should cherry pick one of those teams and you should go to them with the score. What you don't see is what we do when we see that review.
<p class="interviewQuestion"><span class="whoistalking">Eurogamer</span>: What do you do?
<p class="interviewAnswer"><span class="whoistalking">Peter Molyneux</span>: You know what I'm going to say now: 'It's f***ing amazing!' I can remember getting that Eurogamer score - because remember, this is where honesty comes in - before that you had been really critical about Lionhead. These things hurt, just like anything else.
I can remember standing in the studio holding up this f***ing 10/10 from Eurogamer. Everybody cheered. It was great. It was like getting a huge award. It really was. You never see that. The press never sees what it feels like to get a 10/10.
These things hurt, just like anything else. Nothing enough Valium can't fix.
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