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Fable TLC okayed by GameSpot

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Fable TLC okayed by GameSpot

Review - posted by Spazmo on Sat 17 September 2005, 17:05:35

Tags: Fable: The Lost Chapters; Lionhead Studios

Gamespot PC have reviewed Fable and rate it 8.6/10.

Some heroes are made when they rise to the occasion. Others build their reputations over time. This latter case is the subject of Fable: The Lost Chapters, a game in which you get to vicariously experience the life of an archetypal fantasy hero, and, in some respects, decide what eventually becomes of him. Originally released for the Xbox last year, Fable was one of the most highly anticipated games since the Xbox's debut, and the latest title overseen by visionary game designer Peter Molyneux since 2001's innovative Black & White.​
Why do people still call Molyneux visionary? Black & White was unplayable trash and Fable is apparently little more than a competent Zelda clone. Where's this genre redefining "vision" stuff? What kind of visionary has to repeatedly apologise for his games?

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