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Molyneux shop talks with ShackNews

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Molyneux shop talks with ShackNews

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 22 March 2008, 16:56:45

Tags: Lionhead Studios

ShackNews has Peter Molyneux talking about his games in this interview. He talks about old games he'd like to make, the overly talked about PC vs. Console thing, him shooting his mouth off in interviews, and playing with nuts:

Shack: I've heard that there will be an acorn in Fable 2 that will play a central role?

Peter Molyneux:
I got into a lot of trouble with that, an acorn in Fable 1 growing into an oak tree. What we've done, and I'm not going to give you the exact story thread, there is a whole thread about something called the Golden Acorn and how it's got to grow into an oak tree.

There is a whole thread of the story absolutely about that. I don't want anyone to say, after Fable 2, that we don't have acorns. We definitely have acorns. Acorns are central to the game of [Fable 2]. If you don't get your acorn, you can't finish the game. That's how ingrained it is into the world.​
Pardon me. I'm just a bit too stunned by this to even come up with something really witty to jab at it.

PS. Would anyone trust this guy to remake Syndicate at this point? Not me.

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