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Fable III Info Package

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Fable III Info Package

Preview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Thu 26 August 2010, 18:43:40

Tags: Fable 2; Lionhead Studios; Peter Molyneux

There's some GamesCom-based Molyneux goodness to be had.
We start out with this snip of a preview over at Xbox360Achievements:

The real change in the combat demo revolved around the new spell system that allowed you to equip two different spell gauntlets and combine their powers together for a devastating attack, so for instance, combining a force push with the fire ball spell. According to the Lionhead rep on hand, these gauntlets are all mix and match and it should be possible to combine any two spells as you see fit.

We already touched upon “The Sanctuary” in our E3 preview - an in-game hub that replaces Fable II’s clunky menu system - but this time we were hands-on and got to check it out in a bit more detail. The Sanctuary plays home to your in-game butler, the legendary John Cleese, who will offer helpful hints and sharp witticisms along the way. Whilst in our hub, we got chance to check out the new clothing dyeing option which offered hundreds more different colours and combinations than the 2008 version did, as well as the new 3D map, which not only allowed you to manage your properties, but also allowed you to see the area’s available missions and so on.
... after which we hand over the word to Ol' Pete himself, who just seemed to have finished his valium nap:

Fable III picks up 50 years after Fable II, so what impact will that shift in time have on the gameplay?

Let's talk about that and let's talk about the story in Fable 1, because that was a problem, that was a rubbish thing in Fable 1 and Fable 2. Let's be honest about it. The gameplay was gimmicky, it wasn't connected to the story,  marrying people didn't really have an effect, going and farting in people's faces was funny, but it was a gimmick. There was a whole collection of unconnected toys, so we really thought about that in Fable III, that's the first thing. The second thing is feeding things into the drama and story and then the third thing is deciding on the pace of the game. But we're going to go to the levelling-up stuff, so we've tackled all of this in one neat package.
One of the problems with Fable 1 and Fable 2, was we gave you a big bag of stuff and we just gave it to you. We kind of puked these game features on you and then just let you choose whether you do them or not, it was up to you. You had no control over when you got something or when didn't get something, and people forgot about it. So, now we've invented something called 'gameplay chests'. In each level and between each gate there is a chest and in each chest, there is a piece of gameplay, an entire gameplay mechanic. For example, in here is the 'friends expression' pack. If you want to play the 'friends' game, which gives you the ability to go and make friends with people - once you become friends with people, they become your followers and anybody in the world of Albion can give you quests – then unlock that box. If you want to play the 'simulation' game – buying and selling houses, running a business – then open the landlord box. If you hate all that stuff and you just want fighting and combat, then you can open the red chests, which are all about combat, spells and special moves. That means the game flow, the levelling-up, the story, what the game of Fable is, is all integrated into this one system. God knows how you're going to review it, I don't know.
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