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Shack's glimpse at Fable 2

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Shack's glimpse at Fable 2

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sun 24 February 2008, 05:49:06

Tags: Lionhead Studios

Shack News has a brief article about Fable 2. It talks about the multiplayer, a bit on combat, and this:

"Only 5% of the people that play Fable 2 will have the stomach to play evil," added Molyneux, a bold claim from a designer known for making them.

Perhaps not that far from the mark, however. As Molyneux explained, about 70% of players stayed friendly in the original Fable, 20% gave up the dark side after an hour of being evil, and only 5% finished the game as a true jerk.

"I'm gonna try and drive that [good] percentage down," he said. "Being good is about sacrifice."​
30% of us also know there's no way he can know those numbers are legitimate, real world statistcs.

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