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Peter Molyneux wants You to see the Dragon

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Peter Molyneux wants You to see the Dragon

Interview - posted by Jason on Thu 18 March 2010, 05:58:33

Tags: Lionhead Studios

In an interview at GDC, Peter Molyneux patiently explained to Kotaku why branching storylines are for chumps.

What we found is that if you over-branch the storylines [is that] if there was one route you went down and got one reaction — and a completely different route got another reaction — we found that people would get really disappointed. They always felt they were on the wrong path. They always felt, ah, I wanted to see the dragon!​
The more I hear from this guy the more I think he's actually some kind of modern day bodhisattva. But instead of leading us to Nirvana, he regularly blesses us with these little moments of smug superiority, like pearls left on a dirt path.

Thanks to PlanHex for the tip

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