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10 Reasons Why Fable III Will Be the Best Yet

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10 Reasons Why Fable III Will Be the Best Yet

Editorial - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Mon 11 October 2010, 10:11:30

Tags: Fable 2; Lionhead Studios

CVG have assembled a list with 10 reasons why Fable 3, or "Turdle 3" how it is endearingly called by its greatest fans, will be absolutely awesome.
Of course the nextgen-menu is number 1:

<span class="text_article_body"><span class="crosshead">1. OFF THE MENU</span>
There'll be no endlessly dipping into menus in Fable III. Responding to fan feedback Lionhead has added a neat new feature that sees you warp directly to a hub area with a press of the start button. Here you'll be greeted by Jasper the butler and have access to several rooms including an achievement chamber and a walk-in wardrobe! But wait, there's more...

<span class="crosshead">2. MAP'S MORE LIKE IT</span>
The centre-piece of your HQ is the map table. From here you can warp to any area on the map but more importantly you can monitor towns up close. This allows you to keep track of any active quests you have going as well as manage your financial investments. The end result is a far more accessible and infinitely more entertaining way to manage your game.</span>
And what else?

<span class="text_article_body"><span class="crosshead">4. GNOME YOUR ENEMY</span>
Remember the potty-mouthed gargoyles from Fable II? We spent ages finding all of them, but the rewards were great. In the third game in the series you'll be hunting garden gnomes instead. Harmless enough you might think, but there's definitely something sinister about their glowing white eyes. If that's not enough to convince you of their inherent creepiness, wait till you hear them sing...</span>
Garden gnomes? Awesome. Did Ultima have garden gnomes? I doubt it. Another point for Fable 3.
<span class="text_article_body">
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