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Q&A with Fable III's Louise Murray

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Q&A with Fable III's Louise Murray

Interview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Tue 21 September 2010, 18:13:43

Tags: Fable 2; Lionhead Studios

Peter Molyneux didn't have time, that's why this time it's Lionhead's Louise Murray answering a few questions concerning Fable 3, a game that will redefine a lot of things.

<p class="storybody">But best of all, the outrageous humour that Fable is known for remains wholly intact; farts 'n' all.
<p class="storybody">I sat down to have a chat with Fable 3 producer, Louise Murray, to find out more about the new features in the game, and why touching other people is a great form of interaction.
<p class="storybody">...
<p class="storybody">Fable 3&rsquo;s world looks a lot bigger than Fable 2's.
<p class="storybody">It is actually.
<p class="storybody">It must have been a challenge developing the game that is so much bigger than the previous one.
<p class="storybody">The team that developed Fable 3 was the same team that did Fable 2, so they are all veterans at making this game. They all love it and everyone went absolutely mad with all their ideas and what we do and how big it got.
<p class="storybody">We had to cut the game down a couple of months ago because it got so big it was unmanageable to finish it.
<p class="storybody">There was so much enthusiasm for it and so much talent and knowledge about how to make this particular game.
<p class="storybody">As long as farts are in I'm sold.
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