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Molyneux talking crazy again

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Molyneux talking crazy again

Company News - posted by Vault Dweller on Wed 23 August 2006, 15:37:35

Tags: Lionhead Studios

Molyneux has been spotted in Leipzig by CVG spies who report that the brilliant designer is ready to revolutionize the poor genre again:

Calling for combat to become 'dramatic, varied and innovative' Molynuex said that gaming could learn a lot from movies and went on to show some scenes from Kill Bill, where Uma Thurman slaughters the 88's in a welter of spectacular one-shot violence. Molyneux said he believed one sword blow should be enough to kill in a game and he thought that if designers adopted a 'one-hit one-kill' system it would intensify the combat and the drama to unprecedented heights.​
It would either turn a game into a reload-fest or a God-like mode. Awesome.

Molyneux also pondered the fact that he reckoned 80 per cent of gamers only ever really used one button at a time, suggesting that new developments in game context sensitivity would mean that a single button press could be assigned to many actions.​
I wonder if a thought that 80 per cent of gamers would enjoy a turd in a shiny wrapper occured to him earlier. That would definitely explain Fable.

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