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Peter Molyneux wants you to think about death

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Peter Molyneux wants you to think about death

Development Info - posted by Role-Player on Tue 22 May 2007, 02:00:53

Tags: Lionhead Studios

Loinhead, a fansite with a terrible pun for a name, scored an interview with Peter Molyneux of Lionhead Studios. Among other things, the interview discusses some elements for their upcoming Fable 2:

Peter Molyneux:(...)what I’m saying is that it’s worthy of, you know - if I could sit down with you now, which I’d love to do, I’d love to show you - in fact, we might do this in the communities, is to, well, considering the idea of publishing to the communities the prototype engines that we used to try and prove it, and those are all in what we call whitebox, so they don’t look particularly nice but they play well, and see what the communities think of all that stuff. But you know, as I said it was a risky thing, there’s more bits of that combat that come together than I am talking about. I’ve talked about proximity-based context-based combat, confined combat, I think I’ve talked about one-button combat and one-blow kills, I haven’t in any way talked about … and this is something that no-one has ever heard, this word, there’s one thing about combat I haven’t spoken about which is a very interesting area - and, one word? - One word. And it’s death. Death. Think about it. Think about death. Think about what computer games do with death. What have they done with death? What does every game do, what does just about every game do with death?

Interviewer:Try to ignore it, simplify it?

Peter Molyneux:Well, it’s even worse than that, you die, and you go back in time twenty minutes to do the same thing over again. That’s fine if I’m playing a platformer, not so fine if you’re doing an RPG game. So I haven’t talked about death, there’s another thing which I haven’t talked at all about which is another word that you’re gonna hear me use - which I’m not gonna talk about - it’s another big thing.​
Whatever it is, you can rest assured he will strive for innovation:

Peter Molyneux: Firstly, what’s Lionhead stand for?

Interviewer: Innovation.

Peter Molyneux: Innovation. Innovation, and we more than ever before have said, we must make landmark games, we must make landmark, things that are landmark in the history of gaming, so you know that it’s gonna have innovation in it, and we’re going to strive further than ever.​
I'm glad he's a shining example of keeping in touch with reality.

Spotted at: RPG Watch

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