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Fable: Lesson Learned - Shit sells

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Fable: Lesson Learned - Shit sells

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Wed 14 September 2005, 21:27:50

Tags: Fable: The Lost Chapters; Lionhead Studios

Can't get enough of Fable news and info? We have something in stock just for you. It's a webcast thingy called Fable: Lessons Learned by Peter Molyneux himself. Here is some blurb that accompanies the presentation:

Fable was Lionhead’s first attempt at developing a console game and an RPG, and as with any firsts there are things that went far better than expected and other things that didn’t turn out as well as hoped. Lionhead’s Peter Molyneux and Microsoft’s Josh Atkins revisit the Fable development process and look at what went right and what went wrong. Many lessons were learned during Fable’s development, with the result that Lionhead has substantially changed its development process for future titles​
They can't stop hyping, can they?

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