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Fable II had huge design flaws

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Fable II had huge design flaws

Interview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Sat 17 July 2010, 09:45:18

Tags: Fable 2; Lionhead Studios; Peter Molyneux

... says Peter Molyneux. And who else would know it better than him? But of course he learned from his mistakes and so the first thing he did for Fable 3 was to create a great cast, the most important thing in game design.

What He Talked About: Molyneux started his talk by discussing many of the issues he had with Fable II, saying, “It had some terribly messy things about it.” He continued, "There were huge design flaws--at one point Fable II had 67,000 bugs." This actually pushed Fable II to a “super-black” rating, making it completely unsuitable for release. He also criticised many of the features that were implemented, saying many were used just once or twice, such as the marriage feature, which was an “excuse to have sex.” Molyneux had other annoyances to share about the title, including the menu-driven levelling system, which he referred to as “DOS-like,” a lack of drama, and the graphical look of women, whom he said, “looked like Russian shot putters.”
Of course, these are flaws that Molyneux says are fixed in the sequel Fable III. “The first thing we did in Fable III was create a great cast,” he boasted, referring to the likes of comedian John Cleese who has a part as the butler in the game. The co-op system has been overhauled, allowing gamers to have the same interaction with their co-op buddy as they do with the non-player characters in the world. This includes getting married and experiencing “intimate” moments, which are “not quite as realistic as the real thing, but less messy.” Other improvements he mentioned included an overhauled menu system called The Sanctuary, which now takes place entirely in the 3D world, and maps that are four times bigger than those seen in Fable II.
Whooa, four times bigger! That's gonna be farterrific!
AnalogKid is to blame for this newsitem.

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