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Fable 3 Has Followers

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Fable 3 Has Followers

Interview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Wed 7 July 2010, 16:11:28

Tags: Fable 2; Lionhead Studios; Peter Molyneux

CVG had a chat with Peter Molyneux during one of his wake moments inbetween his valium naps.

You mention the debate over whether Fable III is an RPG...
Now, RPGs have experience. In Fable 3 we don't have experience anymore - we have this new thing called followers. The idea is whatever you do in the world either gains you followers or loses you followers. If you complete quests that is a great way to gain followers.

The same is true if you give out promises, if you say you'll do things when you're king - or you can grind in the world and literally, individually you can gain or lose followers.

Just like in Fable II you can buy anything you like, but it's a lot more significant this time. If you buy the main house in this town and move your family in you will gain more followers because you will gain the respect of your community.

Over the course of time flags will change into your flags as communities follow you. Followers make a much better mechanic [than traditional experience].

Then there's Touch - which I've talked quite a lot about before. I can reach out any time I like and take anybody by the hand, maybe we'll go for a drink together, you can choose to do that with women, with whoever you like.
Seems as if Ol' Pete is innovating the shit out of the industry again.
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